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    Claudia Allouche: Breaking Glass Ceilings.

    In the bustling landscape of corporate America, where glass ceilings persist and representation remains a formidable challenge, Claudia Allouche, Global Executive Recruiter at SAP, stands as a beacon of change. 

    As the leader of the L500 Miami Chapter, her mission transcends mere ambition; it is a crusade for inclusivity, empowerment, and the elevation of Latina voices in the echelons of power. Claudia’s journey mirrors the genesis of L500 itself, an exclusive enclave of Latina executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders united by a shared purpose: To dismantle barriers and pave the way for a more diverse and equitable future. With roots tracing back to a group of trailblazing Latina executives in the tech industry, L500 emerged from the stark realization that Latinas are severely underrepresented at the highest levels of corporate leadership. Shockingly, in the tech sector alone, Latinas occupy less than 1% of executive positions—a statistic that underscores the urgent need for systemic change. 

    We would like to get to know your story. Who is Claudia and what is her story? 

    I could insert my bio here –  multilingual seasoned Global Executive Recruiter with more than 18 years of experience in talent acquisition and executive recruitment, primarily in the IT and telecommunications industry, and notable roles at Apple, Visa, Blackberry and now at SAP, I excel in leadership, business development, and strategic recruitment across the Americas… – but I don’t think it would tell you much about me. I am, above all, a people’s person. I love being around people, talking to people, listening to people. They energize me; they make me feel alive. I light up when I am around lots of people of all backgrounds, ages, religions. It’s just so interesting learning about different cultures, different ways, different places.  

    My natural inclination towards people makes me also a great connector. I see human connection as one of the most enriching experiences anyone can have – professionally, but most importantly emotionally. That’s why I love introducing people who have common interests and similar stories or, better still, complementary talents and very diverse backgrounds.  

    Can you share a memorable moment from your extensive career in executive recruitment?  

    Witnessing the different journeys of the candidates that I have had the privilege to hire is always an unforgettable experience. It fills me with immense pride to see individuals I recruited in Mexico thriving in Singapore, or those from Brazil excelling in Cupertino, California, for instance. Similarly, knowing that a candidate I recruited in Colombia is making significant strides in the UK is incredibly gratifying. Each of these instances not only reflects the impact the hiring had on a particular person’s professional growth but also the transformative and positive effect on their families’ lives. When I think about these cases, I realize that I have facilitated positive change in many people’s lives. It is an incredibly rewarding feeling, and it reminds me of why I love what I do. 

    With the increasing emphasis on diversity and inclusion, how do you approach executive recruitment to ensure a diverse pool of talent in leadership positions? 

    My commitment to diversity extends beyond words. Diversity is not just a checkbox for me—it is ingrained in my DNA. As a professional with a richly diverse background spanning Mexico, Europe, and Israel, with familial ties to North Africa and residing in the US, I embody the essence of diversity in both my personal and professional life. 

    At SAP, embracing diversity is at the core of everything we do. As a recruiter, diversity and inclusion are integral to my process. I strive to attract top talent from diverse backgrounds by fostering an environment that values varied perspectives. It starts with crafting inclusive job descriptions that can resonate equally with individuals of all genders, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations and points of views. This means, for example, striving for gender neutrality in the job description, and using inclusive language. It then includes ensuring a diverse interviewing panel to make sure we are assessing the candidate from different viewpoints and perspectives. 

    Technology is evolving rapidly. How do you incorporate innovative HR technologies in your executive recruitment strategies, especially considering the ever-changing IT industry? 

    I use technology throughout the whole recruiting process. SAP is a technology company, and our Human Resources solution, SuccessFactors, supports our recruitment and talent management and performance activities. We use this solution in the cloud. Cloud is an amazing technology because it ensures that our tools are always updated with the latest features and innovations, including SAP Business AI. In the current context of fast-paced technology change, the cloud keeps us always on the cutting edge. 

    Given your vast experience, how do you see the role of executive recruitment evolving in the fast-paced landscape of HR in 2024? 

    The landscape of executive recruiting is always evolving, and technology plays a pivotal role in this evolution. AI is already augmenting recruiters’ skill sets and expertise. This technology is helping us save time and be more efficient. It also supporting a recruiting process truly free of bias, helping us catch all instances of unconscious bias. The truth is that as the world becomes tighter and larger at the same time, and technology changes at breakneck speed, adapting is essential in this field. For me, however, the goal remains the same: Ensuring great hires and prioritizing the experiences of both candidates and hiring managers. Success lies in bringing in talented individuals who not only excel at their roles but also contribute positively to their teams. Diversity is a crucial aspect of this equation, reflecting the varied perspectives necessary for success.  

    What does it mean to you to be a game changer? 

    A game changer in recruitment is someone always committed to continuously enhancing efficiency and effectiveness to find and hire the very top talent. They do it by including innovative technologies, streamlining strategies, or introducing new approaches that improve the candidate’s experience, sourcing, and assessment. Game changers in my field prioritize a human-centric approach in this era of advanced technology. They go beyond automation and foster deep connections while adhering always to ethical practices. 

    Who is Claudia? 

    Age: 50’s. 

    Position: Global Executive Recruiter. 

    Company or organization: SAP 

    Nationality: Mexican/US 

    Where do you live? Miami Florida 

    Do you have kids? Yes, 6 kids. 

    Pets? No- but a Peacock comes often to my garden. I love my favorite pet coming to visit me! 

    Favorite Food: I love Sushi and Moroccan food- such as couscous, matbucha, tahina. 

    Hobbies: Networking, reading, volunteer work, and maintaining my personal brand. 

    Favorite place in the world: Jerusalem (Israel) because of its history and the Holiness of the place, the miracles of the Holy Land and its spiritual energy. I also love Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) for its natural beauty – the mountains, the ocean and the sun shining all year round– and its joyful people (I love that Cariocas are always dancing.)  

    Let’s Rock!  

    How would you describe yourself in one word? Connector. 

    Favorite movie or TV Show: Back to the Future. 

    Favorite Book: Outliers. 

    If you could turn into an animal, what would it be? Horse 

    Favorite music band or gender: Coldplay, Lady Gaga, U2. 

    Do you like sports? Are you a fan of a sports team? Tennis. 

    What contribution do you feel you make to a better world? Kindness. 

    One piece of advice that you were given and would give: Time is golden. 

    What activity makes you feel calm? Walking near the beach. 



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