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    Dare to fail, dare to innovate

    Brian has dedicated his career to understanding digital disruption, predicting trends and helping leaders shape the future they want to see. As a world-renowned keynote speaker, Brian also has a unique gift of humanizing digital trends to make transformation and innovation meaningful and even inspiring. He’s a true storyteller at heart. Even the Disney Institute has quoted his work! Recently named a “Top Futurist Speaker” by ReadWrite and called “one of the greatest digital analysts of our time,” Brian Solis is an engaging and inspiring speaker who makes our digital future approachable and meaningful.

    In today’s global and constantly changing market, companies are forced to innovate as quickly as possible due to the shorter life cycle of products and technologies. The development of new technologies has made access to knowledge faster and global, causing companies´decision-making to be faster when it comes to innovating. 

    Brian is Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce which is regarded as one of the most innovative companies of the moment. Being innovative is embedded in their culture from the way they speak and think to how they relate to clients, partners and collaborators. Driving the innovative heart of a company means that employees have great ideas and follow them. This requires not only committed employees, but also a culture and framework conditions that employees can and should be able to develop. 

    Innovating requires that we embrace failure. According to Brian, failure should always be allowed when the intention is to add value. He says: “When we think about innovation we tend to think of characters like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, but not all innovations will be this great. Innovation is also in every little victory that we have on a daily basis that teaches us something new. We can innovate even from the way we see the world. Leaders in organizations must foster a culture that supports and rewards people who take chances”. 

    The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives, to a point where it is clear that we must not only react to a crisis with the intention of surviving, but also anticipate exploring opportunities for learning and innovating. A company that wants to innovate must transmit this value from all aspects of the organization, fostering a culture that celebrates and rewards pillars of innovation such as experimentation, empathy, creativity, continuous learning, and analytical thinking, among others. 

    When we asked Brian about the keys to staying innovative he gave us the following tips: 

    – Constant understanding that there is no destination 

    – Exploration of the art of possible 

    – Remaining curious 

    – Always looking for new and different ways of learning 

    – Unlearn 

    – Celebrate soft enablers such as breaking through fear or having the confidence to try something new 

    An organization that includes the search and promotion of innovation as a day-to-day practice will always be more agile to identify and respond to changes in the environment. It understands productivity linked to innovation in a company as an opportunity to generate new forms of work and new spaces on the labor ecosystem from a perspective that focuses on people, their skills and talents which brings very relevant advantages both in the short and long term. 

    Brian Solis | Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce 



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