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    Deel, the new way of thinking about the future of work 

    The North American startup was created in 2018 with the intention of providing companies with the possibility of hiring global talent through a platform that allows, among other things, to make payments in 120 currencies, including cryptocurrencies. In this interview, Johanna Picciano, Deel’s PR Director for LATAM tells us about the company’s projects for the rest of the year. 

    Alex Bouaziz and Shuo Wang wanted to facilitate secure international recruitment so that companies can access new markets and the best talent, no matter where it is located. And they found the way through Deel, this startup that already has a valuation of 5.5 billion dollars and consolidates its presence in LATAM as the best valued global company in the field of recruitment, payments and compliance of remote work teams. 

    Johanna is Argentinean and this year you have taken on the role of PR Manager for Deel. She has worked for companies such as Techint and Uber, as well as for the public sector, in the City of Buenos Aires. She assures that all these experiences have something in common: the impact on people’s daily lives, being that what moves and motivates her.  

    “Deel is no exception. I am convinced that the platform plays a key role in people, the opportunities that can be opened up to them thanks to technology, breaking down borders,” explains the PR Director, and stresses that Deel is already a key player in the future of work. 

    Tell us how the platform works and how you can pay with cryptocurrency 

    The platform is simple and intuitive, allowing you to create contracts, make payments and manage international talent. Thus, companies can hire independently or through our legal entities in 90 countries, in the case of full-time workers.  

    Deel provides the option to handle multiple payment methods, generate automatic invoices and pay everyone in their preferred currency.  

    We also have several integrations for people to access their income: bank transfers, PayPal, Wise, Revolut and Coinbase, which allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with all or part of the income you receive. 

    What difficulties have you encountered when implementing this platform, taking into account that each country has its own labor and tax laws? 

    Some countries have changing regulations that often complicate operations for companies, however, to circumvent these complications, Deel partners with more than 200 local law firms that regularly review contracts and practices to protect their clients’ businesses. Our partners ensure that all contracts are kept up to date on a quarterly basis. 

     “You could say that Deel’s superpower is shortening distances. Imagine a global workforce that is not limited by borders. Well, that’s where we’re headed.” 

    How would you define this new world of work and what place does Deel come to occupy? 

    Although teleworking already existed in some companies as a benefit, the pandemic context accelerated the digitalization processes worldwide, pushing companies to install remote work to take care of the welfare of their employees. As a result, we learned about a different lifestyle, from the way we consume, activities and schedules, and we learned to live differently.  

    The demand for work flexibility, the much-needed balance between work and personal well-being is here to stay. Today, employees demand flexible work policies from companies.  

     “Faced with this scenario, Deel manages to be an enabler, a useful tool and a partner, both for companies and their talents.”  

    What are Deel’s plans for the remainder of the year? 

    We want to consolidate our presence in LATAM and ensure that more companies in the region have access to the best talent, no matter where they are located. 

    We also want to focus on continuing to expand the range of tools provided by our application in conjunction with strategic allies. Companies that previously had little opportunity to expand due to the associated costs can now do so, and this creates enormous opportunities for each country.  

    Finally, we are working to expand the benefits package that people hired through Deel receive, adapted to each country of residence. We want to consolidate the community with networking and the best solutions for both work and leisure time.  

    “Deel helps companies can freely hire whoever they want, regardless of their location, that way talents can also find their ideal job.”  

    According to Deel’s report, Buenos Aires is one of the most popular cities for hiring remote workers and LATAM, in general. What can you recommend to young people in this region who want to enter the workforce? 

    Thanks to digitalization and technology, today there are many more possibilities to access the world of work, the key is to prepare, study and improve oneself to apply for the desired job. Language is fundamental to enter the global workforce. Soft skills also play a fundamental role, such as communication and adaptability. 

    At Deel, we want young people to be able to access the job of their dreams from wherever they are.    

    Deel is no exception. I am convinced that the platform plays a key role for people, the opportunities that can be opened to them thanks to technology, breaking down borders.   

    Deel is already a key player in the future of work and I am very proud to be part of the transformation that is coming. 

    Johanna Picciano | PR Director de Deel para LATAM



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