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    “HR should involve workers in the design of actions”

    Anthony Vaughan has spent the last 10 years learning everything there is to know about business and entrepreneurship from (sales, marketing, operations, cash flow, profit-loss, partnerships, business development and everything else in-between). He loves using strategy, love, candor, and empathy as it pertains to an employee base to help them drive better results for a brand as well as drive better strategic results for their own personal futures.

    By: Admin Ramírez

    Having the best employee in the business is something many are looking for and few get, why? Every entrepreneur must understand and be concerned about the need and values that a worker has. Only in this way you will achieve a committed, strong, and productive team. 

    Anthony says: “the new leader has to forge an associative manual. To do this, there are three essential points to achieve and retain all talent. The first thing is to build trust in employees. The second thing is to know how to communicate the values appropriately. And as a third point, know what kind of competitive tools it takes to boost the team. ” 

    It is a fact that workers are the most important good of the company. All those who have a function in the company, have a duty to represent a brand and it directly affects the experience and satisfaction of a customer. There are businesses that make good profits when they care properly about workers. Good loyalty will ensure productive success in the company. 

    But companies often put this factor aside and forget that a worker is a human being and do not realize the key role talent plays in their organizations in adapting to the requirements of the market, which is increasingly demanding.  It is necessary for companies to contribute to making the employee feel good and incorporate strategies to get to know the internal client and to be able to improve the employee working experience.  

    Based on his background with many leaders from different industries Anthony comments that some benefits of a good employee experience are:  

    • Better results, as employees with good experiences improve their performance. 
    • Greater dedication and effort in the development of their functions. 
    • Sense of belonging. Retaining talent is one of the main challenges in any company. 

    “One of those responsible for creating a good employee experience is the Human Resources department. This department should involve workers in the design of actions. To do this, you must gather information about employee´s target, know their trajectory in the organization and know their knowledge of the business. The department has to make an important qualitative leap to adapt to all the changes that occur”, Anthony says. 

    Designing customized plans tailored to the professional needs greatly improves the employee experience. Anthony assures that just as companies want to fall in love with customers, human resources departments have to fall in love with workers who are increasingly demanding benefits tailored to their needs. 

    This proposes that organizations listen to their employees to understand their needs, perceptions, and expectations. This will bring benefits to improving the quality of employment or development opportunities. Some of the actions that entrepreneurs can take in this regard are fostering career opportunities, give them the freedom to make decisions and boost learning.   

    To improve and optimize the employee experience you must do the same work as with customers, that is, you have to know them and understand them.  Don’t just analyze what employees tell you in a survey, but you need to know what they feel, think, or do and why they do that and not something else. To do this, you must use different tools and techniques. 

    A people-centered methodology can be used to implement innovative solutions. The combination of the employee and customer experience is crucial, as the customer experience will start with your own employees, because they are the ones who have the mission to materialize it. 

    For employees to offer a good experience it is essential that they live it previously. All this will increase the productivity and profitability of any company. 

    Anthony Vaughan | Co-Founder of The E1B2 Collective 



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