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    Marcelo Fumasoni: Breaking the mold in the workplace. 

    Welcome to another edition of Rocking Talent! 

     It’s been almost May 2023, and we are experiencing new trends in our HR world. More than ever, we’ve seen clear indications that the workplace is not where it used to be anymore. 

     When we try to understand what the new drivers of engagement in organizations are (especially for those that operate on a virtual setup, as most of the tech companies do after the pandemic in a systematic way), it is not anymore about the career development, internal climate, and compensation strategies that we’ve had in place. 

     The ‘new workforce’ demands current employers and big multinationals to bring more (renewed employee proposition) regarding stability, flexibility, and a sustainable way to serve multiple organizations ‘on demand’ under ‘my terms.’ 

    Under this new paradigm, we are confronted as well (Boards, CEOs, and HR executives) with the challenge of bringing the future to our present with new ways of work. 

     Competencies like Future Literacy (the ability that allows people to understand better the role that the future has on everything that we see and do today) will be essential to be developed internally to not only create a competitive edge in our way of delivering services but also to model a new workforce that will be conformed by a very diverse group of demographics: permanent employees, vendors, freelancers, fractional management, etc. 

    In a sense, this is also an opportunity for organizations to cope with the asymmetries of economic development in countries and regions worldwide, especially during high contractions (flexible workforce planning). 

    So many answers to make to ourselves and few responses to articulate: how we can drive better engagement across all new demographics, how we should plan talent development in a more intentional format, how we can maximize AI so we can do more ‘with less’ in HR, what will be the kind of culture that we can influence today that will create a better impact on employees and communities…and the list goes on. 

    Ultimately, this is all about what PDA HR Tech does; bringing a learning community to live in a shared space so we can learn from each other in real-time. 

    With gratitude, 

    Marcelo Fumasoni



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