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    Matías Massotti: Tech empowers the healthcare system. 

    Matías Massotti is a young Argentinian entrepreneur in the field of healthcare technology. He has distinguished himself through his work in developing healthcare technology solutions to improve people’s well-being and quality of life by addressing the global problem of access to healthcare. His strength lies in business and entrepreneurship, which led him to create an angel fund to help and invest in early-stage startups. 

    Firstly, we would like to get to know you and your story. Who is Matias and what inspires him? 

    I am a person who lives with the responsibility of knowing that I came into this world to make a meaningful change. It is not easy to explain, I just feel it. Year after year, I work to create it and prove it to myself. The things that happen to me, especially the bad things, all teach me a lesson that is connected to what I seek to do to improve people’s lives and today, the healthcare industry. 

    I am inspired by living life intensely, realizing that effort always brings results, and most of all, I am inspired by dreaming that the work we do, the thing we fight for and struggle so hard for, has as its ultimate goal a future where all human beings live longer. Every problem we face when we wake up, work, solve, manage, or administer is minor compared to the enormous magnitude of the goal, and that is inspiring. 

    Can you tell us about your journey to create Go Doctor and how you came up with the idea? 

    The idea came to me when I was 23 and it took a year to make it a reality and launch it to the market. Go Doctor was designed to give people immediate, fast, and secure access to the healthcare system, and it arose as a result of the healthcare system’s operating model in Latin America, where we waste a lot of time to get a medical appointment, move to the physical consultation, and have the doctor see us at the scheduled time. Therefore, I sought to solve all the difficulties that the system poses in two minutes, just with access to the internet and an electronic device. 

    Moreover, globally, it is natural to be sick and then go to the doctor, and the solutions are not centered on people. With the application of artificial intelligence and the collection of patient health data, we can work to prevent those possible illnesses and extend people’s life expectancy. Who would not want to live longer than expected and with a better quality of life? 

    What inspired you to focus on the development of technology applied to health? 

    The global need for improvement in the healthcare industry was the driving force behind motivation. Developing solutions for healthcare has a positive impact on the quality of life of each person on the planet. Go Doctor reaches everywhere, provides access to doctors for spontaneous demand 24 hours a day, and more than 20 medical specialties to coordinate appointments. These technologies allow us to optimize access to healthcare and improve the quality of medical care, which is essential for humanity. 

    The healthcare system’s delay can make medical care not so optimal in some areas, and with technology, we can be the agent of change that the world needs. Changing the healthcare industry is great motivation, and we are achieving it with Go Doctor. We create accessibility for those living in rural areas or at long distances from clinics, personalized care with access to each patient’s medical history, and traceability of information because lately, the medical history belongs to the patient and not the institution. 

    What challenges have you faced in bringing Go Doctor technology to the healthcare industry?  

    The obstacles are as diverse as they are possible, ranging from my age and lack of experience in the healthcare world to the system’s own proposals to maintain a status quo where processes are not optimized, to the hindrances that exist in any vertical company when incorporating technology.  

    And… How have you overcome them? 

    The best way I can overcome all challenges is to show results. There is nothing more to talk about there. What some see as a weakness, I see as strengths, such as my age. I may be young, but my vision of the healthcare world involves having optimized processes, better quality of care, and my most ambitious goal is to have the ability to extend life expectancy, something we all want and that is invaluable. However, as I said before, the top positions at Go Doctor are held by people between 40 and 55 years old because their vision also matters. I understand that I must surround myself with the best in each area to provide a service of excellence and we that we can learn together. Regarding the application of technology, this does not only happen in the healthcare industry.  

    What do you think it means to make a “technological leap”? 

    Making a technological leap involves responsibility and commitment, technology can be great but, even today, some companies are very conservative with their analog systems because they still cannot see the benefits that technology has to offer, such as improving efficiency and productivity, saving money, or being able to access information at any time and place to improve the user experience. 

    How do Go Doctor’s telemedicine solutions connect people with doctors in just an average of 2 minutes? 

    Go Doctor was designed to connect people with doctors quickly and efficiently. It is an easy-to-use platform where patients, once registered, can make spontaneous demand consultations or schedule appointments with medical specialists for online care and connect with them in real-time to start the consultation in an average of 2 minutes. During the call, the doctor will evaluate the patient and can diagnose health problems, generate electronic prescriptions, or refer patients to a specialist or in-person consultation if necessary. This modality not only facilitates access to medicine but also allows the user to avoid traveling to an emergency room or a consultation since most consultations are resolved in the video consultation and do not require in-person care. 

    What kind of doctor specialties do you have in the app?  

    We have doctors from different specialties such as Cardiology, Dermatology, Nutrition, Endocrinology, among others, and specialists in mental health, such as Psychologists and Psychiatrists, to offer a comprehensive service. In the case of individuals, they do not have to be affiliated and can use it freely and pay for the consultation at the time of asking for it. In the case of companies, they can provide it as a benefit to employees or customers, and we make per capita service contracts. 

    What is the future for Go Doctor, and how do you plan to continue advancing technology to continue growing in LATAM and worldwide? 

    We plan based on our goals, and our main goal is for people to live more years. That is why we work on saving lives and preventing diseases with the analysis of medical data and assistance through artificial intelligence to help patients solve increased doubts about their health quickly, efficiently, and online. 

    As for expansion, we do it by transforming the culture that remains in the past, where we thought that to be attended, we had to be in the place in person, and we take it to the future, where almost everything can be done virtually. This way is how our actions speak for us and health is democratized worldwide, everyone having the same possibilities and rights. 



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