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    Oracle: “We are convinced that innovation begins with inclusion” 

    In an interview with the Tech Cloud Director of Oracle Argentina, Silvina Martinelli, she detailed some of the actions promoted by the multinational in information technology to promote gender equality. She explained the recent agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank and the importance of data when dealing with people in our ecosystems. 

    Undoubtedly, data is increasingly becoming the capital of institutions. However, it is also a reality that many companies do not consider data as an indispensable asset. In a hypothetical situation, what would you say to those managers to whom you would have to sell the importance of data? What would be the first benefits you would highlight?    

    The first thing I would do would be to ask those managers what they know about their customer: would they like to be closer to them and have offers according to their wishes and preferences?  

    Regardless of the industry, or whether that customer is a user, provider or citizen, the main benefit of managing with data is to have the ability to decide based on it.  Today there is a large volume of information at our fingertips, but it is the data that allows us to be more assertive and build solutions that meet the customer’s expectations. 


    Recently, at an event, you said: “Our area has moved away from the hard stuff and today it is about empathy, understanding and communicating. We have an important role because we have the ability to help organizations find a solution to their problems”. Undoubtedly, the IT sector came out of the stereotype to which it was anchored. Do you think that this “de-anchoring” happened with greater acceleration due to the world pandemic or was there no incidence? Why?   

    Undoubtedly, the role of the IT area has taken on a new impetus in all organizations since the pandemic, although previously it had already been acquiring an important role, not only in business support.  

    Today, IT areas generate the basis for creating new services, expanding geographic areas, devising customized packages, providing better medical treatments, etc.  

    With the pandemic, all this accelerated dramatically, as people accessed the digital world much faster, even in some cases without realizing it, driven by the need to stay connected during periods of isolation and social distancing.   

    A clear example of this is the elderly people around us, who today know how to make video calls, use homebanking or shop online. From this, a large amount of data has been created, product of the multiplicity of interactions carried out over more than two years.  

    Following the line of the last question, from your position, do you consider that Latin America is at the level of first world countries in terms of digital transformation?     

    Latin America has all the potential to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization, and we are on the path that goes in that direction. Our great challenge is to reach all people, empower them and connect towns and cities. And we must also promote the use of technology in schools to improve our daily lives. 

    A large part of your career has been in technology-related companies. It is becoming increasingly common to see women in this sector, but the reality is that the figures continue to show that it is a more masculine sector. CIPPEC stated: “Despite its growing relevance, science and technology is one of the sectors of the economy with the lowest female participation in the world, and particularly in Latin America”. What advice would you give to young women who want to enter this world, but still feel that the gender issue is very strong?     

    The first piece of advice for a woman who wants to grow in technology is to seek to enhance her skills, regardless of her skills and the gender bias that may exist in different areas. Even today we still have a very low percentage of women working in technology because of the stereotypes present, as technology is wrongly associated with physical components and hardware, such as computers.   

    And then, another suggestion would be to follow your instinct.  I believe that women have the ability to interpret concrete things with a broader vision and also that we are capable of humanizing the most abstract things 


    Does Oracle have any initiative or policy to promote the inclusion and diversity of women in technology?   

    At Oracle we celebrate differences because we are convinced that innovation begins with inclusion, and to create the future we need different approaches, perspectives and skills.   

    We promote gender, sexual, cultural, generational and religious diversity, and we are committed to creating a work environment where everyone feels heard, comfortable, respected and included, so they can explore their full potential.  

    Among the actions focused on gender equity, the following stand out:  

    The Geno-O (Oracle Generation) internship program aims to develop students within the company and then incorporate them as employees. It seeks to attract talent by focusing on the coincidence of values and purpose of the applicants with the company, and not so much on their resumes.  In the last two editions, 54 % of the candidates were women.  

    – In Recruitment we have an affirmative vacancy policy for women and people of color, which consists of creating and advertising specific positions that prioritize these profiles.   

    – We run the Women in Business program, which aims to empower and develop women, regardless of their role and hierarchical level, as future leaders. It addresses issues of self-knowledge, negotiation, personal branding, strategic leadership and career planning. Around 800 women have participated in the initiative and the results show that more than 95% of them feel more confident to achieve the expected objectives according to their functions and more than half of them are more confident to share their ideas and projects. In addition, more than 80% of the participants say they have clarity about their next career step, and a greater professional strategic vision of their own development.  

    – The program includes the Master Life Career Accelerator, a mentoring program for women working in the company. To date, 70% of the women enrolled have graduated from the program and a 3% improvement in female leadership has been perceived. Como resultado de estas acciones, cabe destacar también que fuimos reconocidos por la consultora Great Place To Work as one of the best places to work for women, in companies 251-1,000, for two consecutive years (2021 and 2022).  

    A little over a month ago Oracle and the Inter-American Development Bank signed an agreement to ensure mutual collaboration with the aim of promoting digitalization as a tool for sustainable development. Could you tell us what this agreement is about?   

    It is an agreement that formalizes and seeks to deepen collaboration between both parties, to jointly promote initiatives and projects through which technology can help drive sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).   

    In the signed memorandum of understanding, both institutions declared to join forces to collaborate to drive social progress, economic recovery, infrastructure and health, with a focus on related areas such as justice, education, tax collection, technology infrastructure and cybersecurity.   

    Ultimately, the partners will leverage Oracle’s technological expertise and innovative capabilities, as well as the IDB’s deep knowledge of development and LAC countries, to harness technology as a force for good across the region.   

    The agreement also outlines their intentions to collaborate through conferences, workshops, training courses and materials aimed at institutional strengthening and capacity building. These efforts seek to focus on developing the knowledge and technical skills of LAC policymakers, corporate leaders, and public and private officials in the sectors described above.   

    In closing, what can we expect from Oracle in the remainder of 2022?   

    In 2022, we will continue to generate more valuable solutions that enable our customers to continue transforming their businesses, taking advantage of the opportunities that technology offers. And we will do this by being ever closer to their needs, helping them to solve the problems they face on a daily basis.  

    At the same time, we are committed to deepening our contribution to Argentine society through our internship and technology training programs. We want to help more and more people to enter the technological labor market, which is growing daily in terms of demand for positions. 

    Ping Pong   
    An example to follow: Yourself. I believe that you improve yourself day by day and that should be your best example.  

    A place in the world: a beach  

    A dream: to travel the world  

    A goal: to live happily every day 

    Silvina Martinelli | Tech Cloud Director en Oracle Argentina 



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