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Monday 15 July 2024
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    “Our secret formula for Employee Engagement is sustained in the combination between our culture, the technology we use, and the data”

    Equality, trust, customer success, and constant innovation are the values that have gained more prominence in these times. Jonathan Cohen Lozie,Directorof Employee Success Business Partnerat Salesforce, shared with us how having an inclusive and diverse culture, they managed to be one of the best companies to work for women. 

    Today you have a huge responsibility as a Director of Employee Success Business Partnerin Salesforce Argentina. What is the biggest challenge you have ahead of you, and what was the most significant learning so far? 

    The biggest challenge has been to locally complement the activities, content, and wellness experiences to support our professionals’ physical and mental health. Especially for those who have children: according to a study published in the Wall Street Journal , home officework is interrupted 15 times an hour when you have children. In this context, the activities of virtual rapprochement with the team and the extra benefits provided during the pandemic, such as child care, for example, helped a lot. 

    In terms of learning, it is increasingly important to carry out surveys frequently to find out how employees are doing. Digital processes were already set in the routine of the Employee Success area since a person arrives at the company or requests something from the sector through concierge, our digital self-service platform. The change is that the search for information became monthly, so now the company uses this feedback to expand its benefit packages, such as the child care I mentioned, and make other decisions, such as the best time to return to the offices. 

    On the other hand, we believe that success in the work routine is something one can achieve from wherever one works. For this reason, we also promote our Success from Anywhere, which consists of opening our searches to people from all the provinces of Argentina. With the massive application of remote work, location ceased to be an important factor when choosing professionals. 

    Salesforce is very well positioned globally, you have managed to be number one in GreatPlaceToWork, and today you are in the top 4 globally. From your role, how do you work together with your team to remain leaders in your field, always taking care of the culture and environment and at the same time preserving innovation and technology? 

    Our “secret formula” for Employee Engagementis sustained in combining our culture, the technology we use, and the data. An easy example of this is the surveys we conducted, with data reinforcing our commitment to offering employees a better work experience. In turn, this information provides other perspectives to make business decisions. In fact, thanks to these surveys, we decided to postpone the return to face-to-face work until the end of the year, even though offices are open around the world. 

    What human resources policies and practices were successful in achieving a good work environment? 

    According to Great Place to Work (GPTW) in Argentina, Salesforce is one of the best companies to work for women. This achievement begins with our corporate values of equality, trust, customer success, and innovation. In addition, other HR Policies and Practices such as support for equality groups, the Employee Resources Groups(ERGs), and our paternity leave policies also result in a successful and equal work environment. 

    Furthermore, the fact that our values are translated into concrete practices, policies, and actions such as gender-free benefits, Equal Pay, or mentoring allow us to create a diverse and inclusive environment for our employees and especially for women. 

    At DataTalentFest, you said: “We are very proud that Salesforce is one of the best companies to work for women.” What motivates you to keep going at this point, and what is your biggest inspiration? 

    My greatest inspiration to move forward is related to the impact generated by our inclusion and diversity policies and seeing how these actions are transforming our ecosystem, bringing more women closer to the world of technology, and creating a favorable environment for them to develop. But, without a doubt, what inspires me the most is listening, taking information from the lessons learned, and promoting actions every day that allow us to continue being among the best places to work for women in Argentina. 

    You recently mentioned in another interview: “We participate in Product Groups Tankand other technical communities, and we also support Girls in Technology” How has technological evolution been and its impact on professionals in the area? 

    Some time ago, technology and artificial intelligence were something exclusively for specialists. Today, they are present in everything, even in the simplest actions like choosing a song on music streaming platforms.That is why today, sales, customer service, and marketing professionals are looking for the best ways to work with the support of these tools. 

    In that sense, free online learning platforms like Trailhead are just as relevant as supporting institutions that encourage people to be trained. For example, when we use Trailhead in our technology mentoring activities, we find it easier for young people and individuals to develop skills that will help them in their professional challenges. That is even more important for women, who often do not have the same opportunities as men. In addition, learning about the latest trends in technology vastly improves employability and career development. 

    Considering the experience and uncertainty of 2020 regarding crisis management and the second wave that we are currently facing in the entire world, what is the horizon that Salesforce envisions in the region? 

    Our focus is on supporting our customers, partners, and collaborators on their way to success and the new challenges that lie ahead. We believe some changes are here to stay even after the lockdown ends; many people will continue to work from home and increasingly use e-commerce. The pandemic also made brands improve their customer service and sales processes through digital media. In the future, we will have a more hybrid environment, and companies will need technology partners to support them in their continuous digital transformation efforts. 

    Some advice for the new generations who are searching for new employment opportunities, what can you tell us about the future of work? 

    I would recommend that young people consider the transformative role of technology and that technological skills, as we have seen in the last two years, will be increasingly crucial due to their ways to help us solve our problems. In that sense, one of Salesforce’s main focuses is on education in these tools: we offer free courses on sales, customer service, marketing, and e-commerce solutions from the Trailhead site. In Argentina, more than 100 vacancies in positions related to Salesforce tools can be learned through this platform. 

    Jonathan Cohen Lozie| Director Employee Success Business Partner in Salesforce. 



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