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    Selling Versus Serving: Five Ways To Get Them Both Right

    By: Grant Cardone 

    Selling versus serving: Five ways to get them both right. When it comes to successfully closing sales does your team know the difference between selling and serving? Better yet, are they selling a product or service or are they properly serving your customers? It’s a trick question because if they knew how to close deals properly they would be doing both!

    If your team is not doing both you are losing out on potential profit and they are losing out on potential commissions.

    There’s a simple solution and it all starts with implementing new strategies and effective tactics found in the How to Close Deals: Massive Profits course now available on Cardone University.

    To give you a sample of how we can help your team here are are FIVE ways to distinguish serving vs selling:

    1- Offer Value: Be resourceful for your prospects by providing valuable information in the form of emails, blogs, social media, mail-outs or phone calls.

    2- Offer Time: Show your potential customers and clients that you respect them by listening to them – listening builds trust and helps establish a foundation for a viable and profitable relationship.

    3- Offer Solutions: Businesses will buy products or services which solve their problems. So be the solution to their problem but also tailor it to their needs – a personal touch is more about serving than selling.

    4- Offer Understanding: Do the background homework on your potential customers and clients. Do NOT assume you know everything about their business and what they need – ask questions so you can get to know them better. This will help you understand their pain points, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

    5- Offer Consistency: This is what differentiates a selling VS serving due to the fact that serving follows up and doesn’t forget a customer. You definitely want to stay in touch with your customers post sale and keep them updated on any new valuable information, products or services, special offers, deals, news, and company updates.

    Make sure your team knows how to sell your goods or services and how to serve our customers.

    Sell! Serve! Succeed!



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