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    Stephen Lytle: Purposeful Legacy.

    Stephen Michael Lytle is more than his job title of Assistant Vice President of People and Culture at Evara Health; he is a testament to resilience, family values, and the pursuit of service.  

    With a penchant for boating and reggae music, Stephen’s story unfolds as a symphony of diverse experiences, anchored by a deep sense of gratitude and a commitment to making a difference. His journey traverses through hardships, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of purpose. From his formative years in an environment rife with challenges to his collegiate days at the University of South Florida, where he discovered his innate ability to connect with people, every step has contributed to the leader he is today. His career, marked by stints at corporate giants like Target and Walmart, culminates in his current role—a role he considers not just a job but a genuine calling. As Stephen shares his story, it becomes evident that his trajectory is not merely about professional growth but about a profound dedication to service and innovation. 

    We would like to get to know your story. Who is Stephen and what is his story? 

    Growing up in a household where challenges were an integral part of daily life, I gleaned invaluable lessons in resilience, community, and the significance of extending a helping hand to others. Despite the difficulties, these experiences profoundly shaped my understanding of empathy and solidarity, steering me towards a path of service and support for those in need. A pivotal moment in my journey occurred during college, where a track and field scholarship granted me access to the University of South Florida. Beyond athletics, this institution became the crucible for discovering my knack for connecting with people and molding my identity. It was a formative period, instrumental in honing the skills that have since permeated both my personal and professional spheres. Post-graduation, I ventured into a career trajectory marked by substantial personal and vocational growth, fostered by seasoned mentors and visionary leaders in corporate giants like Target and Walmart. These experiences sharpened my strategic acumen and innovative prowess, culminating in my current role as the Assistant Vice President of People and Culture at Everett Health—a position I consider a genuine calling. 

    What has been keeping you focused on your journey? 

    Throughout this journey, my anchor has been my family—I take immense pride in being a devoted husband and father. From Arkansas to Miami and now back to our beloved Tampa, Florida, each relocation has been a chapter replete with challenges, growth, and love. My story is one of resilience, purpose discovered through service and innovation, and anchored by the unwavering support of family. It is a narrative I am honored to live and share, aspiring to inspire others as much as it informs them. 

    With your background in Healthcare Administration and Political Science, how do these academic foundations inform your analytical and human-centric approach to HR strategy and decision-making? 

    My journey in HR finds its roots in my political science degree, igniting a passion for public service and philanthropy. Volunteering and later, successful election to office, seamlessly aligned with my healthcare career, amplifying my dedication to aiding others. A subsequent degree in healthcare administration further enriched my expertise and commitment. Combining healthcare knowledge with political acumen uniquely shapes my HR approach, emphasizing the profound impact of our decisions on individuals’ lives and broader communities. Whether deploying AI for productivity or devising programs enhancing patient care, the goal remains improving lives. This convergence of healthcare and public service is what fuels my enthusiasm for HR—it is not just beneficial but integral to my role. HR, to me, transcends mere policy or strategy; it is about nurturing environments where individuals flourish, impacting lives meaningfully. In this human-centric realm, the fusion of my passions finds its greatest fulfillment, for HR is fundamentally about enhancing the human experience. 

    How do you integrate AI technology within your role as an HR practitioner, and how does this integration influence your approach to training and development within organizations? 

    You have heard that I have a keen interest in AI and generative AI. In my HR role, integrating AI technology, particularly generative AI like ChatGPT, has been truly transformative. It enhances daily communication, improving internal staff communications, refining interactions, and streamlining documentation processes. Externally, it shapes our employment brand and strategic planning. The seamless integration of AI enhances engagement and effectiveness in our messaging. Strategically, AI’s impact is profound, especially in building a core competency framework supporting the entire employee lifecycle. This includes role-specific interview guides, performance management, and individual development. 

    This comprehensive approach integrates competencies at every stage of the employee experience, ensuring their enrichment. HR’s proactive embrace of technology sets a precedent for the organization, driving innovation and impacting business outcomes across departments. Embracing AI is not streamlining HR processes; it is about fostering a culture of innovation that revolutionizes how we work together, across all departments, from HR to marketing to directly enhancing patient experiences. 

    Looking ahead, what do you envision as the future direction of HR and people management? 

    Your question is truly insightful, especially when considering the evolution of HR from the 1970s and 1980s to today. Organizations like yours exemplify this ongoing change. Looking ahead, HR and people management must adapt to meet the diverse expectations of different generations, particularly with the integration of technology, notably AI. This plays a pivotal role in enhancing employee-centricity and creating work environments of which people can be proud. Despite the emphasis on technology, it is crucial to maintain the human aspect in HR. Technology, especially AI, has transformed administrative tasks, allowing a shift from transactional to transformational approaches. By automating routine tasks, we can focus more on strategic initiatives that directly impact people and organizational culture. This includes developing leadership programs, enhancing engagement, and fostering an innovative and inclusive workplace culture. 

    How do you see yourself contributing to that evolution? 

    My role in this transformative era involves championing AI’s use to deepen our understanding of employee needs and aspirations, tailoring a personalized employee experience from onboarding to professional development. By reducing time spent on administrative tasks, HR can concentrate on initiatives that truly matter, creating a workplace where all employees feel valued, heard, and motivated to excel. As we navigate forward, it is evident that technology, when thoughtfully applied, empowers HR to operate more strategically and make a tangible impact on people and organizations. Leveraging technology to amplify human qualities such as empathy and collaboration will redefine expectations in the workforce, shaping modern workplaces that embrace HR’s essence. 

    What does it mean to you to be a game changer? 

    Yes. For me, I think what being a game changer means is to embrace innovation, to be willing to take risks, and to be willing to fail, because we only learn when we fail. And so being a game changer, you must be somebody who is not afraid to take a step forward, who is not afraid to do something that has not been done, to innovate, and to be willing to fail so you can learn and succeed later.

    Who is Stephen? 

    Age: 42. 

    Position: Assistant Vice President People and Culture. 

    Nationality: American. 

    Where do you live? Tampa, Florida.  

    Do you have kids? 5 years old girl. 

    Favorite Food: Pizza.  

    Hobbies: Enjoy boating, spend time with my daughter, philanthropic and volunteer activity.  

    Favorite place in the world: anywhere I am on the water.  

    Let’s Rock!  

    How would you describe yourself in one word? Grateful. 

    Favorite movie or TV Show: TopGun. 

    Favorite Book: The happiest man on earth. 

    If you could turn into an animal, what would it be? Bird.  

    Favorite music band or gender: Reggae music.  

    What activity makes you feel calm? Taking the time to reflect and being grateful. 




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