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    “The future of work is now”

    Challenging would be an accurate word to describe the season the young and not so young generations are living. On this interview with Rocking Talent, Janella Albright, HR Business Partner in Berkshire Hathaway, talked about how important the personal branding is, shared a few advices to stand out and referred to the learning the 2020 has left her.

    Do you believe that the 2020 was a year that made us more human or not? Why? 

    I believe that 2020 was a year that challenged all of us as humans. The experience is different for everyone on whether it made us more human or not. In my personal experience, it made me more human. It was a year that made me more present in the moment and with purpose. It made me realize what is more important in my life and how connecting with other humans is a necessary component that many of us took for granted. 

    What was your greatest outcome and learning of the 2020? 

    2020 is a year that will be memorable personally and professionally. My greatest outcome and learning in the year 2020 are learning how to be adaptable, creative, resilient and persistent. 2020 was a year to learn how to overcome those challenges. We certainly never thought or prepared for our world to deal with a pandemic, and there was no playbook on how to handle such a crisis. 

    Professionally, my team dealt with a shortage in our HR staff for most of 2020, which meant extra responsibilities and preparing our company on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    These challenges enabled our team to come together and assist one another where needed. I can glance back and realize that I can rise to any challenge presented my way. Also, have empathy towards our employees as each one of them faced their own different struggles and learn how we can better support our employees to provide resources needed for them to be successful in their role. 

    If we have to refer to the future of work, are we referring to a future that we are already experiencing or one that is actually in the future? 

    The future of work is now. What we learned in 2020 has shaped our way of how we currently work. Organizations are still learning what changes are needed to adapt to current and future needs. 

    Many companies faced challenges during the pandemic that forced many employees to work from home. The challenges forced our environment to be current in technology to be able to operate differently. As technology advances, the future of work will always evolve in how businesses are operated in many industries. 

    How important is personal branding and what would you recommend to the youngest generations that have to face a work environment as changing as the current one? 

    Personal branding is important to establish to set yourself apart from others. Branding is a resource strategy the youngest generations can use to market their authentic selves and what skills they can bring to an organization. My recommendation to the youngest generations is do not be afraid to put yourself out there and network with as many individuals as you can, even ask if internships are available to get a foot in the door. Use your experience in 2020 on how you were able to adapt to the changing school schedules, even learning remotely. Make your experience in 2020 relevant to your personal brand and tie it in with your career goals

    Your LinkedIn description states: “I deliver HR solutions that enable people to perform at their very best”. What is the first advice people have to take into account in order to be their best version? What would be the call to action? 

    Individuals need to consider self-reflection and to be able to adapt to learning from others to be their best version of themselves. I provide solutions and recommendations that enable employees to reflect on the overall situation to make the proper decisions in providing the best outcome for the organization, which will enhance their performance. 

    Janella Albright | HR Business Partner in Fechheimer Brothers Company, Berkshire Hathaway  



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