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    This is the real life

    Progressive rock or garage rock was born with the desire to expand the music, create and design new ways of expression and use the influence of other instruments to develop and evolve the melody. I imagine the distinct Freddie Mercury feeling and embracing the transformation, making way for the magical creation of perfect combinations, generating a song from thousands of experiments, and giving the masterful result of a Bohemian Rhapsody. Thanks for the organized madness, the non-conformity, and the desire to generate a true and lasting revolution

    Growth is collective and experimental. It often requires abandoning one’s own, ceasing to be, to transform the self and generate robust compositions, integrated by mixtures, some unthinkable, to achieve the level of sophistication that is needed. Introducing something, many times may sound like replacing something else, but it is rather to open the way and give space to the new, to the birth of what is being gestated. For that to happen, you must be willing to let go. Because always in every decision something is gained and something is left. That is when we understand that to lose is to gain, to gain the new and unknown that can lead us to our destiny.   

    Progressive compositions pushed the elevation of musical themes, they were characterized using constant movement. That movement that allows us to not remain still or oblivious to reality, is this real life, is this just fantasy, movement helps us to co-construct, to not stay with our universes, but to begin to live the multi-universes in others that empower our imagination and expand our own reality. This movement is for everyone, to move requires assuming the need to expand, to change, to reinvent. 

    True, honest, selfless influences, stripped of the individual self and filled with the group we. Just as within progressive rock there are many varieties, styles, and mixtures. Each person is unique, singular and from RockingTalent we have the purpose of amplifying those varied styles, but when we start to see all the notes, there is not only one style, there are many incredible compositions that make a much more ambitious, robust and solid musical whole. 

    That’s why we invite you to read this fascinating edition, full of new textures and we hope that the styles you hear will ignite that necessary revival that will push the transformation that will generate your expansion. 

    Julieta Cumbo | Chief Marketing Officer at PDA | Directora General Rocking Talent



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