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    Unicorns Do Exist

    “Unicorns don’t exist, but I have seen many.” This was the phrase used by our CEO Jaime Díaz to open his end-of-the-year speech. 

    At that moment, the first thing I did was turn around to look at my colleagues’ faces and see how their inner flame sparked again. I was moved. So were them. I could notice it in their eyes. 

    Without a doubt, 2020 was a year full of challenges, let’s be honest. It also brought mistakes, frustrations, and disappointments, but it was definitely a year in which we learned to learn. Last year we decided to break the mould, step out of our comfort zone, and chose what risks to take. 

    We became a more conscious company, a living organisation, driven by passions, emotions, and dreams. We became a more human company and, at the same time, we accelerated change. We took charge of it, so we stop guiding ourselves only by plans, and we embraced constant reorganisation scenarios. We became the makers of our own reality. 

    That’s how Rocking Talent was born, an endless search for riotous disruption, with the aim of taking the rhythm to all conversations, make some noise, and generate enough discomfort to create the change necessary to face 2021 differently. 

    In this edition, we want to transmit that flame that sparked again in us, so we want you to know and become part of our dreams, because we certainly cannot fulfil any of them on our own. Growth is always achieved together. 

    Today, we want to celebrate the passion, disruption, and desire to change the world. We want to acknowledge the leaders who reinvented themselves, created new identities, and chose to become the protagonists of the future. We want to contribute to our community with the richest experiences. Finally, we want to challenge you to live a life without limitations, where passion rules over thoughts and behaviours, and where we realise that nothing is impossible for a believer. 

    Let’s keep beating the rhythm in our lives! 

    Julieta Cumbo – CMO at PDA International



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